Duval County Residents: We Will Spay or Neuter Your Big Dogs, Cats or Feral Cats FREE!

Call (904) 425-0005 or click here to make an appointment and we will spay or neuter your pet or feral cat for free. For pet cats, the only cost is a city license (which you can buy from us $22).

  • Owned pets must have an appointment.
  • Please bring proof of residence to the appointment (current photo ID).
  • Free for Big Dogs (40 lbs or on their way to 40 lbs).*
  • Free for Pet Cats.
  • Feral cats are completely free, but the ear will be tipped and the person(s) who drops them off must also pick them up.
  • Feral cats must also be brought in a trap (which can be borrowed with deposit).
  • Feral cats may take up to 72 hours to process due to large intake and volume.

* Residency requirements may be needed, but open to most Duval Country Residents.