A-1 Forklift Helps Save Lives

Several years ago, First Coast No More Homeless Pets approached Rick to buy a forklift. Luckily for us, this man is a kindred soul. He told us that he would never sell us a forklift – that he would simply give us one.


Honoring a Humane Hero

FCNMHP needs forklifts for moving pallets of pet food for the Jacksonville Pet Food Bank. Moreover, the forklifts are essential for moving crates and supplies for the many SUPER and MEGA Adoption events throughout the year. Since that first forklift was donated, Rick has donated another one and given free maintenance to them over a period of 4 years. Factoring in the expense of forklift rentals, we estimate that humble Rick of A-1 Forklifts has donated over $20,000 in-kind to help save innocent pets.

Rick smiled when he saw one sitting to attention in our garage. “I’ve no doubt it’s been put to great use,” he said.


So why did Rick make such a huge contribution to our cause? The answer is simple: He has a soft spot for canines. He has three dogs, all rescues, and they are with him constantly – even at the shop! Rick says they help keep him company and protect the shop from burglars too!

“I call them my three-in-one bark deterrent system,” he said.

Rick's Dogs

Pictured above (from left to right): Luke, Penny, and Lance.

A-1 Forklift is a local business that has been in business for almost 20 years, specializing in forklift maintenance and rentals. As a result, FCNMHP is proud to honor Rick of A-1 Forklift as a Humane Hero.

Need a forklift? Call A-1 at (904) 354-9200 or click here.